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Registration date : 2011-09-10

PostSubject: Greetings!   Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:11 am

Hi Fellow Boarders,

I'm BlackCrows and am happy to be here.

I'm new to Marliss' novels; I just finished Don't Let Go which compelled me to join this site as a member. I love the SEALs and military branches. The guys and gals make such good characters because nothing is really out of bounds.

I'm an Army brat; born in France and lived overseas for ten years before the family moved to Georgia. (When I was little, I thought the United States was exclusively West Virginia!) I've had the fabulous opportunity to enjoy the people, culture, language and food of many different countries and I wouldn't trade my childhood experiences for anything!

I read whatever piques my interest: romance, suspense, fantasy, astronomy-physics, medical non-fiction and any book sporting interesting jacket cover art.

I write: novels (unpublished ones so far), essays, short stories and poetry (some published - online and anthology).

I've rambled on here like a runaway train so thanks for your attention. I'd love to start a dialogue with other members and I hope folks like to share.

Happy Posting! BC
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