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PostSubject: Wondering...   Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:19 am

Recently, I was on vacation enjoying a day on a river in a good size boat with family. We were boarded by the US Coast Guard. This is a river in North Carolina, mind you, not the High Seas.

It was an interesting experience saturated by the charm and presence exuded by the officers (?)...all five of them! They were gorgeous and different from one another as night is from day. They all wore the same uniform, wrap around black shades and yet their distinct personalities were very obvious. The best thing was the hundred watt smiles they all seemed to have in common and they weren't stingy with them either.

The family surmised that the gentlemen were bored as there were not many boats out that day (beautifully sunny; quite hot in the middle of the river with no shade), but we were charmed by the experience.

I was wondering if the Navy SEALs ever work with the Coast Guard. I then I thought how cool it would be to have a story line with two brothers; one a SEAL and one in the Guard (do Coasties have a nickname?) who end up working the same mission; a rescue of an extremely intelligent woman (sometimes smarties are not so bright, if you know what I mean) OR a sweet, naive woman (sort of oblivious to tension and circumstance) who would never be described as extremely intelligent.

I love to read a novel like that and I'm wondering if one your novels might run along those same lines, Marliss. Or...if you'd write a story like that.

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